Is there a minimum or delivery charge?

There are no minimum orders, monthly fees or delivery charges. Our goal is to meet local retailer and market prices. In some cases, our products are even less expensive.

What if I don't have a cooler

Custom MilkRun Coolers made in partnership with Coleman are available to purchase. If you forget to leave your cooler out on delivery day, our drivers have coolers and packing materials to do their best. Sometimes, we are unable to leave your goods if the conditions would compromise the quality but we will work with you to schedule another drop time.

Can you deliver to my work or office?

Of course! In fact, the more people who order at the same location - the better! Just let us know if your drop location has any special requirements such as opening times or codes.

What do I do with the milk bottles and other totes you leave?

One of the ways we keep more money in producers pockets and the cost of of goods affordable is by cutting out the amount of packaging you get weekly. Anything we leave in your cooler just leave in your cooler next week and our drivers will pick it up on the next delivery. Milk bottles are the same, we cover your bottle deposit unlike other grocers who charge you at checkout. So, just leave your bottles in your cooler and we will return them to the dairy for you.

Are all of your products organic?

Not all items are sourced from Certified Organic farms. We believe in transparency and want to provide as much information and connection to local producers as we can to help you make the best choices for you and your family.

What if I have questions about ingredients, growing practices, etc.

We love questions for suppliers and so do our suppliers. We are always happy to answer what we can and then get in you touch directly with the producer to answer any of your questions.

What if I am unhappy with something in my order?

This can happen and that is no problem. It is hard to control all of the things that effect home delivery like weather, air flow in coolers, a berry that falls out of a pint container. Things happen when perishable food is not picked out by you at the store and delivered to your door. But we want you to be happy and we want to get better and what we do. So, just let us know and we will work with you to make sure you get the best response to your experience!

Why do I get substitutions?

Local food from many producers is different than traditional grocery store models. Foods have a season and a limit to their availability, things can even change over night because of weather or roads. We see this as an opportunity to do what Chefs do, get creative when a farmer calls and says "we don't have any more beets but our turnips look great". If you are unhappy with your substitution let us know and we will refund you no problem.

When do I get charged?

We process payments on Monday night after the MilkRun closes.