Broth Bar by Salt, Fire an Time

the country's first dedicated bone broth café

WHAT WE DO:Bone broth and other quality products made with locally sourced ingredients

Tressa and Katie Yellig opened Portland’s first dedicated bone broth cafe, Broth Bar, in 2015. The Midwestern sisters had long dreamed about working together on a project that brings something wonderful to the world. Broth Bar certainly achieves that. It offers a delicious experience of daily wellness to those in needs of healing, nutritional support as well as something for busy adults and athletes who are seeking to nourish their bodies. It is a place where people can stop by to help their bodies with a warm, soothing beverage or stock up on unique, nutrient-rich supplements for their family.

Broth Bar is dedicated to bringing the most genuine and nourishing foods to their consumers. They work exclusively with regional farmers and ranchers to source bones from animals that are pasture-raised and grass-finished without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Some of the Seeders and Feeders they support are Deck Family Farm, Sudan Farms, Cattail Creek, Vitality Farms, Botany Bay, Carman Ranch, Tails and Trotters, Heart to Heart Farm and Elkhorn Farm. They champion those relationships and are sure to communicate to their customers how important their sourcing is on the quality of their product.

Bone broth definitely has different levels of quality and nutritive value is the top priority at Broth Bar. The bones are cooked for three days at a low temperature to ensure that as much beneficial mineral content is extracted as possible. Each quart of broth is made using about 2 pounds of bones, including flavors like chicken, beef, pork, bison and lamb. At the Broth Bar, other toppings and additions are available to add-on, including equally mindfully-sourced eggs, noodles, sauerkraut, powders, miso and condiments.

Tressa realized her passion for nutrition and healing with fermented and natural foods through her own personal experience. As a young, hard-working cook in Northern California, she suddenly became very sick with a septic MRSA infection and had to take time off work. She was advised that surgery was necessary and decided to do so at home in Ohio with the support of her family. Tressa took the opportunity to cook and started exploring raw and fermented foods, organ meats and doing yoga. By the time she returned to Ohio, surgery was no longer necessary. She had successfully healed herself through food and was inspired to help others do the same.

“I wanted to live in the Pacific Northwest and create a resource for people to help them heal themselves through food”.

In 2009 Tressa moved to Portland and soon thereafter started Salt, Fire & Time, a community kitchen focused on education and producing healing food products on a community scale. Over the years, Salt, Fire & Time has evolved, but has always stayed true to Tressa’s firm belief that food choices are beautiful vehicles for change in communities and the world.

Through Salt, Fire & Time and Broth Bar, Tressa and Katie have been successful with helping people in the community and want to reach and bring the benefits of bone broth to even more people. So much so they opened a new location in downtown Olympia, WA in the summer of 2016.


PRACTICES/CERTIFICATIONS: bone broth made with ingredients from farms & ranches in the Pacific Northwest without the use of antibiotics and hormones


ADDRESS: 115 NE 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97232

CONTACT: 503-208-2758 Media inquiries- wholesale/