Marion Acres

Providing our community with local, FRESH, pasture-raised, quality & sustainable artisan meat that we openly stand behind.

WHAT WE DO:Pasture Raised Artisan Meats

Pasture-Raised Chicken Fresh Pasture / Moved Daily "Marion Acres' chicken is the best local, pasture-raised chicken I've ever tasted! My family raved about it! Clean, rich tasting, fresh, juicy and pasture plump. The meat is gone and the bones are ready to be made into stock!" - LaRae B. Chef & Food Styling Portland, OR About our Chicken * Local! Just 20 minutes west of downtown Portland, Oregon. * Raised on fresh, green, bug-filled herbicide-free/pesticide-free pasture starting at just 3 weeks old. * Moved onto a fresh, thick section of pasture every single day! * Antibiotic free. * Hormone free. (Federal standards do not allow the use of hormones in poultry or pork.) * No animal by-products, fats or coloring. * Locally grown & milled non-GMO, soy & corn-free feed ration. * Comparable to a Green Plus rating at Whole Foods Market. * Raised in small batches and handled individually with care. * "Chicken tractors" allow plenty of shade for resting. * Birds grow at a natural rate. * Natural sun, exercise, and clean air makes for a healthier and happier bird. * Breed is Cornish Cross, introduced in the 1930s. * Local & family owned farm business. * Raised and humanely handled & processed by us on site to minimize stress on birds.




ADDRESS: 23137 NW West Union Rd Hillsboro, OR 97124

CONTACT: 503.928.4428