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Whole Milk

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Fresh, non-homogenized whole milk from Garry's Jersey cows at Lady Lane Farm. Please return your bottle, just leave it in your cooler next week.

$ 6.50 per 1/2 gal

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  1. This is what milk ought to be. It's heaven: rich, sweet, and smooth. I originally joined Milk Run specifically for this milk. I couldn't find Gary's anywhere near me and had to drive from West Linn to Canby to get it. (Long, but worth it!) An elderly lady saw me picking up my first Milk Run delivery. When I told her about Gary's she said she grew up on a farm. "We called Jersey cows 'butter cows. Milk today comes from what we called 'margarine cows'." Then her nose wrinkled. And she's right. Try real "butter cow" milk and you'll never look at 'margarine cow' milk the same way.

    – Jan 08, 2018: