Nibs & Coffee Cacao-Nectar Bar

Rich coffee and crunchy roasted cacao nibs with dark cacao. Uh huh, YUM. We start with the coconut meat base and combine that with organic dark cocoa, single origin roasted cacao nibs from Peru and single origin coffee from Ethiopia. This bar is pretty much everything you want in a treat. Decadent, crunchy, silky, with lush complexity from the coffee and an oomph of extra chocolate elegance from the nibs. We're pretty sure you'll do some eye rolling "yum" with this one.

$ 5.99 per 2.5 oz bar

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Ingredients: alkalized Organic cocoa, raw local honey, medium shred Organic coconut, unrefined Organic coconut oil, Organic cacao nibs, ground coffee, vanilla, Himalayan pink salt