Thai Peach

7.5/10 on the heat scale. It is our only product that is not heated by habanero peppers. Instead this sauce takes a different approach with our 2nd favorite chili pepper, the thai chili pepper, also known as bird’s eye chili. It is used extensively in Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian, and Vietnamese Cuisine. We paired this sauce with peaches and a hint of garlic to balance the heat with just a little sweetness. We then blend it with white vinegar, pink himalayan salt, and a splash of filtered Oregon H20. This sauce is great on chicken wings, add it to your soup base. We make a sopa de fideo for breakfast with it that could truly become your favorite winter day soup. Also brings a new twist to a michelada or a bloody mary. The possibilities are endless.

$ 8.00 per 5 oz bottle

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