Ginger Beer

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Timber City Ginger Beer is all about bringing you truly ginger-ful brews that celebrate our PNW agricultural bounty. Cheers!

$ 4.00 per 16oz can

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With nearly a pound of fresh ginger per gallon, Timber City Ginger beer is spicy and delicious. Less like a soda and more like a tonic. A great mixer.


  1. This is an amazing ginger beer! Strong ginger heat, mellowed by honey, and given a lot of depth by the added herbs. I read some reviews which recommended it as a mixer for drinks. Because of this, I worried that it would be too strong on its own. It wasn't -- not at all. It's certainly much "stronger" than traditional "ginger ale" sodas. But if you like ginger, this is a treat by itself. Loved it!

    – Aug 10, 2018: