Brown Butter Ghee

Brown Butter GHEE is cooked a little longer than the traditional ghee and hence the milk solids caramelize and gives a very unique toffee and nutty taste to our ghee. Golden Elixir Ghee is sourced from Grass-Fed Organic Unsalted Butter and cooked on an open flame using traditional Ayurvedic methods in stainless steel pots. We then strain the butter to remove all the milk solids and what’s left behind is the beautiful golden liquid which we call GOLDEN ELIXIR GHEE.

$ 15.99 per 12oz

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Brown butter flavor is our most selling and popular flavor ghee, I like to use it in my Coffee as a Creamer, replace butter in my Baking because Ghee does not have to be refrigerated and you only have to use half the amount you would use butter, as Ghee is much more concentrated and rich. You can also use Brown Butter ghee for Baking vegetables, Searing Meat and for cooking soups.