Traditional Ghee

Our Traditional Flavor GHEE has a subtle taste and is golden yellow in color, its apt for making Fried eggs, Sautéing vegetables and for High Heat Cooking recipes like Barbecuing. Basically, you can use GHEE anywhere you would use butter. Traditional flavor ghee is also a great alternative to altering traditional recipes like mashed potatoes, Skip the butter, heavy cream and just add ghee to make a healthier version of mashed potatoes. Remember a little ghee goes a long way. Golden Elixir Ghee is sourced from Grass-Fed Organic Unsalted Butter and cooked on an open flame using traditional Ayurvedic methods in stainless steel pots. We then strain the butter to remove all the milk solids and what’s left behind is the beautiful golden liquid which we call GOLDEN ELIXIR GHEE.

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Traditional Indian ghee is grainy in texture, nutty in flavor and has a slightly sweet after taste. We always cook in small batches to ensure quality and the authentic taste is never compromised. Ghee has a high smoking point of 485 F and does not need refrigeration, which makes it ideal as a cooking oil Substitute.