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Delivered to Your Door

The days when the farmer delivered your food are back.
  • The MilkRun

    Sign-up to get proudly grown and made food delivered to your door directly from your local farmer!

    The MilkRun service is now being offered in Portland, OR.

  • Now serving limited neighborhoods but expanding quickly.
  • Receive $10 off every friend or neighbor you refer!

Support Your Local Food Community.

We’ve cut out the middle man and made sure that your local small producers are supported by your food dollar. Not only that but the more neighbors who are using The MilkRun the better the prices get for everyone!

Pick & Choose

Pick and Choose Your Goods: Choose what you want (and how much) from an abundance of locally harvested produce and proudly made products. Many of your favorite local restaurants source their ingredients from the same farms and producers!

No Delivery Fee

No Delivery Fee and No Minimum Purchase: We’re able to keep prices affordable by cutting out the middleman and connecting communities directly with their local farmers. We don’t charge a delivery fee and there is no minimum purchase – just choose what sounds good this week and have it delivered!

Local Producers

Reconnect With Your Local Farmers: Invest in your own community by supporting small producers directly. Empower your local farms and producers by keeping your dollars local.


“I love not having to get it. This has increased the quality and quantity of local and real foods we can access. I’d much rather support local farmers than Fred Meyer or Amazon.”

- Trish – Milwaukie, OR

“I love the convenience of having fresh greens and eggs show up on the porch every week!”

- Kim Collins – SE Portland

Are there minimum orders or monthly fees?

No minimum orders or monthly fees! Order whatever products you choose with no strings attached.

Is there a discount if I refer a friend?

There sure is! If you refer a friend or neighbor, you get $10 off your next order!

Can I set my drop location for work or my gym?

Of course! In fact, the more people who order at the same drop location, the better. We are happy to deliver to any location that works best for you!

Tell me more about how it works.

Our model is simple, we orchestrate producers to deliver to your home when they are on their way into the city to deliver to local restaurants. So you get the same quality, great prices and convenient delivery that Chefs in the area do!

Have questions? Email us directly: 

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